Scout badges


There are a number of badges that Scouts can earn and then put on their uniform. These are split into Challenge Awards and Activity Badges. At 16th Lancaster we plan our program of activities and events so that, with regular attendance over time, all Scouts should have the opportunity to get all Challenge Awards and so achieve the highest award in Scouts – the Chief Scout’s Gold Award.

some Activity badges, however, can be completed at home. You can earn badges for all sorts of different things, such as taking photographs on a family day out, growing some vegetables or talking to the group about a sport you enjoy. Visit the scout website here to find out more.



NameChief Scout's GoldAdventureCreativeExpeditionOutdoorsPersonalSkillsTeam LeaderTeamworkWorld
Sam HStartedStartedStarted28/09/2018StartedStartedStarted28/09/2018Started
Hugh CStartedStarted19/09/2018StartedStartedStarted19/09/2018Started
Niall CStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStarted
Hector CStartedDueStarted11/09/2018StartedStartedStarted11/09/2018Started
Alfie SStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStarted
Zachary PStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedDueStarted
Idris EStartedDueStarted19/09/2018StartedStartedStartedStartedStarted
William SStartedDueStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStarted
Robert MStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStartedStarted
Sam KStarted17/07/2019StartedStartedStartedStartedStarted
Zach SStartedStarted
Connor MStartedStarted
Daniel HStartedStartedStarted
Daniel PStartedStartedStarted
Curtis CStartedStarted
Jacob QStartedStartedStarted
Natty (Nathaniel) DStartedStartedStarted

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