Rowallan programme

The programme listed may be changed at short notice.

22/01/2019Skills Njght Duty Six Red Try and do as much as possible for the Skills part of Challenge Badge Iron Saw Brew Light Bulb Peel Potato Cake Clean Window to continue next week
29/01/2019Skills Night Duty Six Blue To finish off the Skills Challenge Badge
29/01/2019Hike Prep Green Six When to do it Route plan equipment
03/02/2019Church Parade
05/02/2019Our World Challenge Badge Red SixCreate a community map. What services are there? Where are they? Who are they for? Try and visit one of these services if possible. Anti-Litter Poster Making an Anti-Litter poster for the Anti-Litter Campaign for the Environmental Conservation Badge
12/02/2019Our World Challenge Badge Blue Six
19/02/2019Camping Equipment Check Green SixTo check what equipment would be needed for a weekend camp. List of personal equipment to take.
26/02/2019Tent Pitching Red Six learn how to erect a troop tent and care
02/03/2019District Chess Competition
05/03/2019Pancake Night Blue Six
12/03/2019Garden Night1/2 to look at our plot, decide what to grow 1/2 firelighting
19/03/2019Fire lighting1/2 to look at our plot, decide what to grow 1/2 firelighting
26/03/2019Sports Night
30/03/2019Charity Swimathon 2019
31/03/2019Church Parade (Mothering Sunday)
02/04/2019Its a Bitsa Nightto do things we haven't done this term

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