Beaver Scouts are for children aged 6 to 8 years old and the main aim of the group is to have fun and make friends.

During lockdown we are meeting online. Just like when we meet in the hut we play games, do crafts and have a good time!

When we can meet face-to-face, we have planned activities where we play games, learn or make things. We go on trips together such as the seaside and learn new skills such as archery or climbing. Sometimes people come to visit the Beavers and tell us about their jobs or hobbies.

At least once a year we go on camp and stay overnight. Sometimes in tents and sometimes we have a ‘sleepover’ inside. On camp, we enjoy campfires, toasting marshmallows, playing games in the dark and thoroughly enjoying the adventurous outdoors. Over the past year, during ‘lockdown’ we have camped at home instead!

Beavers normally meet from 1745 – 1900 on Wednesdays.

The group (colony) is led by volunteers named after woodland animals and the children are organised in lodges: otters (green), beavers (blue), moles (red) and squirrels (yellow).


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